Journal: Winter Nostalgia

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(Sunday, March 3, 2019, 1:45 pm)

It’s such a cozy, snowy day. I kinda don’t even mind being sick. I don’t have to go anywhere. I’m ignoring the laundry and other non-essential duties. I’m just reading, writing, and watching tv. I’m drinking hot tea and eating hot soup. It’s very pleasant.

(2:15 pm)

I’ve just been reading a bit of Black Hole and drinking some green tea. It was the part where one of the guys has a bad acid trip. So disturbing! When I finished the chapter, all starkly contrasted black and white, I closed the book and looked out the window on a peaceful muted snowy white scene. It’s all fluffy swirling snowflakes, the really huge ones, like an inch in diameter. And beyond that are snow encrusted pine trees, shifting gently in the breeze, and then a blank pale gray sky. I can hear a child in the next room animatedly acting out an improvised school drama with different voices and animal sounds, maybe the occasional crash of some larger toys falling over on the floor. My hands are slightly chilly, even in my sweater and with the space heater running next to me. It’s a very sensual moment.

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