Journal: Making Sense of Yoga

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(Thursday, February 28, 2019, 12:15 pm)

I’ve been experimenting with new types of exercise lately. Some of them I like, but I kind of hate doing yoga. I tried it several years ago and hated it then too. It just feels awkward and useless. Or maybe it’s that I feel awkward and useless when I’m doing it. The positions are all so uncomfortable and I keep almost falling over. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. And I’m finding that if I plan to do yoga as part of my exercise routine, I’m much more likely to just not do any of it. Hmmm. That’s counterproductive. Maybe yoga is just not for me.

But the weird thing is, I do yoga poses from non yoga books all the time and I like them just fine then. Sometimes they seem a little awkward, but it doesn’t bother me, and eventually I get used to them. And yoga uses lots of Sanskrit. I LOVE Sanskrit. It’s my favorite language. I have it tattooed down my spine! I don’t understand why I have this bizarre mental block with respect to yoga.

Maybe I associate it with those annoying new agey-types and their whole annoying culture. And maybe they particularly annoy me because I have just enough in common with them superficially that I tend to get lumped in with them. Hmmm. I hadn’t thought about it like that before. I don’t know if it will make any difference to me on the yoga issue, but it does make some sense now.

2 Replies to “Journal: Making Sense of Yoga”

  1. I for one hate going to a yoga class and out of 50 women I am the only one in shorts. It’s cultish! Why does everyone have to wear the same clothes? I also like some of the poses, and think they are good exercise. But I hate the new-agy part. All those SUV driving people acting like they care about the world. Gross! It’s the hypocrisy that annoys me.

    And also the fact that I just can’t keep my balance during some of those poses.

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    1. It’s terribly embarrassing when I’m the only person in the room that keeps falling over. Slightly less so when there is someone else falling over just as much. I think I prefer to only do yoga within the privacy of my own room.


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