A Notice to My Esteemed Followers:

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

When I began this blog, in the long-ago era of March, I didn’t really know which way I wanted to go with it. So I just put all sorts of things on here. Since then, it has become apparent to me that my posts seem to fall into one of two distinct categories: erotica and everything else. And as much as I think it would be great if we could all be more open about our various types of sexuality and integrate it into our everyday lives, that is not, alas, the reality of the situation. 

Therefore, I have decided to split this blog in twain. Henceforth, drakecharmer.wordpress.com will be home to exclusively non-erotic content. All of the erotica and other unmentionables will move (over the next few days) to my new site, Elite Smut, at maryzoso.wordpress.com. Please feel free to make your way there if your interest in my blog has been primarily (or secondarily…) due to the sexy stuff. If that sort of thing is not to your liking, you may simply do nothing, for all future posts on this blog will now be pretty much Safe For Work, so to speak. And of course, if you enjoy both types of posts, you are absolutely welcome to follow both.

I apologize in advance for any confusion that may arise from this cyber schism. And I thank all of you most sincerely for your interest in my writings, for whatever reason.

Very Warm Regards,


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