Sonnet 8/10

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I wrote this poem on August 10th as a parody of Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18.” It was just after my roommate had had a really rough day and drank too much and wound up throwing and breaking things (including a pair of headphones). She was feeling extremely embarrassed and sheepish and kept apologizing the next day, but really, she hadn’t broken anything important or valuable. She works so hard to cook for us and take care of the dog and also works really hard to earn a living at the same time. It seemed completely justified, given the stress of life and lockdown and sweltering 100 degree heat. Add to that the frustration that we’re all feeling of entering middle age with little to show for it and I think she’s entitled to a little meltdown now and then without judgement. So I wrote her this:

Shall we allow thee a smashing day? Thou art deserving and have earned it: Soft hands do break the darling earbuds, eh? And COVID’s lease doth all too long here sit;

Sometime too hot the August weather whines, Even when rain drenches the laundry pinn’d; And every hair to gray sometime declines, By age in nature’s hairy bush untrimm’d;

But thy sporadic temper need not fade, Nor lose possession of these friends thou know’st; Nor shall we brag thou wander’st in our shade, When in dog’s bowl some food each day thou throw’st:

So long as thou art trapped with us, we three, So thou may rage, if this brings peace to thee.

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