Novel Excerpt: Prologue #7

Some parts of my novel have a little more sexual content than others. I’m putting those on my erotica blog, Elite Smut. So if you’re wondering what happened to #6, it’s there. Feel free to check it out (if you dare).

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“Please say you’ll come.”

“…” Her eyes… her hair… her lips… the dainty way that she always steps over cracks on the sidewalk…

“Please, Erek. It’s Thanksgiving. We haven’t seen you in months. I’ll pick you up. It’ll be nice. It will do you good to be home for a few days. I’m making turkey with the stuffing you like, homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes…” He finally mumbled a non-committal agreement just to stop the unbearable droning list, repeated each year like the hymns of Franciscan monks, never varying, as if the ritual of the recitation itself were the main event and the consumption of food merely a gluttonous afterthought. Then he let it drift right out of his mind, returning to his own ritualized inventory of celestial attributes.

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