Novel Excerpt: Chapter One #15

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on

Squishing wet sand between his toes with each measured footstep, he focussed his concentration on the blurry white lines of cresting waves in the distance. He liked this deserted stretch of beach. It gave him a chance to get away from the happy-go-lucky vacationers and drop his matching persona for a while. The sex was nice but the conversation was dull, drunk, and excessively cheerful. 

Through the roar of surf filling his ears he caught the sharp soft sound of a tiny sniff and looked around in surprise for its source. Tucked between some scrubby beach shrubs was a pleasantly plump figure in a white sundress and wide-brimmed hat, her long, naturally blonde curls streaked with darker shades of pale brown. Her face was turned down, shoulders slumped and shaking with quiet, sorrowful sobs. She didn’t see him, lost in her dark, sad thoughts. He was overcome by an intense feeling of familiarity and a sense of camaraderie with her, a mirroring of his own loss in hers, which drew him inevitably closer.

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