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Book Review: The Liquid Border by Jonathan Reeve Price

This is a review I did for Reedsy Discovery. Here is the link to their site: A visually intriguing and poignant look at the dangers and difficulties of those attempting to reach a new life in a new world. I admit, I thought this would be a quick read. It’s well under 100 pages …

I Saw You Working at the Roller Rink

I saw you working at the roller rink.  Twenty years too old and in the wrong country You moved on wheels (backward and forward) as adeptly as you do on ice. Same goatee, but more gray. Yellow-and-black striped uniform instead of tie-dye. But it was definitely you In twenty years.

Novel Excerpt: Chapter One #11

Parts 9 and 10 are on Elite Smut: Jean glared at the sleek graceful figure carrying her flip flops in one hand, her sun-bleached hair falling in a mussed tangle around her face as she swayed on bejewelled tip-toes toward her own room. The unwelcome jealousy churning in his stomach fueled the turning gears …


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